We Plan, You Hunt.

We specialize in planning big game hunting trips in the American West.

Obtaining Tags

The quality and quantity of your tags are central to your big game hunting success. Let us spend the time deciphering complicated state-specific regulations and draw processes. We will put together an application strategy that helps put tags in your pocket.

Scouting and Planning

Learning a unit before you arrive for a hunt can give you a massive advantage. We provide e-scouting and, where legal, boots-on-the-ground scouting to help you find the best camps, water sources, glassing points, and most productive areas. We will create multiple hunt plans to maximize opportunity for success.

Gear Advice

Quality gear won’t guarantee a filled tag but it certainly increases your odds and will keep you on the mountain longer. Let us help you choose the right gear for your hunt and budget.

Tags. Take out the guesswork:

Our realistic, balanced approach to big game applications has seen our clients and us win many a coveted tag. Let us provide the one-on-one consulting that will ultimately get you on the mountain.

Let us help you develop a 1, 5, and 10-year application strategy. By applying across multiple western states, you can build a point portfolio, snag that lucky lottery winner, or become an OTC hero. By incorporating multiple strategies, we can help you consistently hunt with tags that will give you best chances of meeting your hunting goals.

Other services can provide draw odds and general research but digging through them takes your valuable time. And how many hundreds of other hunters are reading the exact same info? Your experience and goals are unique, your research should be too.

Hunting Regulations

Scouting and Planning:

We believe one of the best indicators of future hunting success is the amount of time one puts in scouting and researching their unit. The more the better. Understanding the trail and road system, having camp options outlined, knowing where to find water, and having a pre-determined glassing point is invaluable information. Let us do the legwork for you.

Our ultimate goal is to give you an advantage over other DIY hunters.

Pre-season scouting can turn up all sorts of treasures

Example e-scouting map

E-scouting is a tool used to locate promising locations for access, camping, glassing, and hunting.

Gear Advice:

With each of our DIY trips, we can create a suggested gear list that matches your specific hunt and budget. Let’s be honest, the current gear market can be intimidating to even experienced hunters. Let us gear nerds sort through the options and make tailored recommendations for:














Sleep Systems


Hunting Accessories

Truck and Backcountry Hunting Gear


* Total hunt cost. Split this cost amongst your party!


What do our clients have to say about how DIY Adventure Consultants helped them succeed?

I’ve been interested in hunting a new area NE Oregon for quite some time but didn’t have the time to do the research or plan out a trip. I reached out to Mike for help and he was great to work with. Mike asked all the right questions on our initial consult, and during planning was very communicative, organized, and detailed in his research.  He identified options for dates, locations, campsites, and gear recommendations.  We had a successful trip that went off without a hitch.  I plan to use his services again for a future hunt.  Overall, a great experience!

Bao Le

Portland, Oregon

We love to raft but working full time we just don’t have time to invest in trip planning. Mike was amazing! He arranged all the logistics: great camping recommendations, awesome food suggestions, and created an all-around great experience. It was exactly what we were looking for!

Kris Metzger

Albuquerque, NM

I drew a coveted Barbary sheep tag in New Mexico but work/family prevented me from having any time to scout ahead of my hunt. I was expecting to hunt an exotic animal in an exotic land and just hope for the best. Fortunately, I found Mike a month before the hunt and he quickly laid the groundwork for a successful hunt. He outlined several promising locations and base camps; all without ever having been in that area himself. Long story short: we were into sheep most days and I ended up harvesting a great ram!

Asim Malik

Sonoma Co., CA


Check out snapshots from our previous DIY hunting trips:

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